To Replace or Not to Replace

I am out of face cream 🙁and my favorite lotion.  Do I replace it? Or should I just use the other products I have? I’ve been pretty good about using up what I have and not buying replacements unless I no longer have a substitute. 

Now what do I do? I have other face creams I could use. They are not as nice as this one but I am sure they will do the job just fine. 

I think I will try as hard as I can to not buy replacements until I absolutely need to. 

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Add to Cart

I can’t begin to tell you how many times in the last month I have added various things in to my online cart. I look at the cart, excited to buy the items, and then I remember I already have one or two of the same things and I close my browser and go back to reading my book. 

There was a sale at Bloomingdales for makeup. They only have it once a year. It’s the perfect time to stock up on products I typically use. I must have visited the website 5-6 times in the week the promos were running. I just couldn’t do it. I have back up for my back up. I’m still trying to use up all my mascara. If I didn’t hate washing face so much I’d probably have gone through most of my make up. Lazy wins all of the time.  

Then there are shoes. All the great sales are happening this week. The sales will only get better the first week of the New Year. Oh the shoes! 

I am fighting the good fight daily. Trying to keep myself in check. I’m not as strict as I was the last time I did this. I’m giving myself until January 1 to get back on the plan. Hard line in the sand. 
I can do this…right?

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My Husband bought me a present…

Last week we celebrated Diwali and our New Year Year. Typically on New Year’s Day there are presents given. My husband  decided to get me a present. We don’t typically partake in the gift exchange. He gifted me a beautiful pair of David Yurman earring. When I tried them on they felt heavy and seemed as if they would hurt after wearing them all day. 

My husband is a great gift giver because he is really thoughtful. Very rarely do I ever return or exchange something he gets for me. This is one of those rare times. 

We went to the mall so I could return the earrings. I think they are way too expensive and they hurt my ears. So I decided it would be best to return them. 

I asked him to keep my future presents under $100.  That should be easy. 

We are at the mall. I return the earrings and then we decide to walk around.  Going into Neiman Marcus Last Call was a mistake. I found something to replace the present he gave me. It’s an exchange so it doesn’t count right?  

I’m so weak. I exchanged the earring for a pair of beautiful shoes (which will probably hurt my feet more than those earrings would have). He said it would be ok for me get the shoes instead of the earrings and those would be considered my gift. He’s so sweet feeding my habit. 

These shoes.  They were on sale with an extra 10% off. Of course I should get them. 

Wouldn’t you want them? What true shoeholic could resist these perfect shoes? 

He got them for me. I’m going to see if my conscience will allow me to keep them. I have 30 days to decide. If I don’t wear them I might just return these too. 

I was really good for 35 days. I think I’m still good since technically these would be considered a present. Right?

I can do this…right? 

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I saw something I need

While I have tried to extract myself from anything related to retail,  I still find myself looking through my Instagram feed and seeing so many things I “need.” 

These sunglasses are one of them. I saw them in Spain a couple months ago and I was tempted then. I was still shopping then. I didn’t get them for what seems now a dumb reason. 

I’ve heard that if you want something really bad but don’t get it and still think about it weeks or months later you should just buy it. That would be the case with these sunglasses. 

Yesterday I got some really good news and was really tempted to reward myself with something. I’m not a drinker so going out for drinks to celebrate didn’t appeal to me, but these sunglasses sure did. 

I don’t need them. I want them. That’s usually how I end up with four of everything. Obviously I’m not going to get them and will just admire them from afar. I’m sure they will be around in 2018.

The unmistakable DiorSoReal sunglasses are made possible through an incredible savoir-faire blending architectural lines and a couture spirit in perfect harmony for this House icon. #DiorSavoirFaire #MyDiorSoReal

It’s only been a month. The other day I realized I had 14 more to go! What didn’t seem like a long time when I decided to do this is turning into something I don’t think I can keep up with. Especially with all this temptation. 

I need to unsubscribe to everything retail again. That will help. I seldom visit the mall therefore that won’t be a concern. 

What else can I do?
I can do this…right?

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Quick Question

I want to buy a case for my new phone but i am hesitating. I can’t figure out if buying a case would be considered retail shopping. It is a necessity since I am notorious for dropping my phones and shattering the screens. Logically, I should get a case for my phone.

The part that is questionable is if I purchase a functional case for the phone then it would be considered a needed purchase, if i purchase a pretty, “fancy” case for my phone then it could possibly be viewed as shopping. That is my conflict.

What do you think?

I think this one would be practical. But who wants practical? I think i should get something pretty right? 13179370

Like this one. It’s from my favorite book and I think it is perfect for me. hey_boo_iphone_7_case-r4535a5084a0b487aa32cebee19061958_khvsu_512I think i will just get something practical and be done with it. I have had this phone for a week and I need to get something for it before I shatter the screen and it ends up costing me more than the price of a case to fix it.

I can do this…right?


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Day 1 (again) 

Well it’s day one. 😳 I’m going to an art festival today. Does buying art count as retail therapy?  I don’t know.  I guess if it’s something I buy and it sits in a corner for months before I find a place on a wall for it, then that would be considered a waste of money. If it adds to the décor of the home then maybe not so much?

I have no intention of purchasing anything bit sometimes I just see a piece of artwork and I know I have the perfect place for it.  Like this piece we picked up in Rosemary Beach.

It’s perfect. We had to have it. We found the perfect place for it in our home. It’s made by a local artist.

I’m going to head out now. Let see how it goes. Wish me luck
I can do this…right?

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One Week Left


I have one more week, seven days, left before I take a long, long break from shopping. I don’t even feel like doing some shopping this week. In actuality I have not shopped since I returned from Spain last month. To make the break official I set the date as October 1 but it will end up being more than 15 months when i get to end date.

It is a good feeling knowing there really isn’t anything material I need or want. I just spent some time cleaning out more of my closets and I am donating many of my older clothes. I will, by the end of this whole thing, be the owner of less clothes and shoes and will not have acquired more.

Speaking of shoes, another one of my shoes broke this morning. Storing my shoes in the garage is not the best idea. I have most of my designer shoes in my room closet but more of my everyday shoes (close to 50+) pairs are hanging out in the garage. The ones I have not worn recently are being destroyed by the heat. I need to find a better place for them. That means I have to add some shelves to one of the existing closets in my house.

Maybe this weekend I will go through the rest of my shoes in the garage and see what I can salvage. At the end of that purge I think i will be left with half of what I have now. I have been collecting shoes for so many years, it is probably best if I donate or throw away pairs which I have gotten many great uses. That might be best.

Then I will have less shoes and 15 months before I can even think about buying new replacements.

I can do this…right?

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