I am mentally preparing myself

December is probably the worst month to get my brain to accept the idea of going a whole year without buying anything. There are so many sales and deals! I am really trying not to buy anything for myself as retail’s busiest shopping month is upon me. I have purchased three pairs of shoes in the last two weeks. This is really really going to be hard for me.

I love to read, does this mean I can not buy books as well? I did not think of that when I decided to do this. I guess I will be making greater use of my library card. There are certain authors whose books I collect in hardcover, I will have to wait to purchase their books, which might work in my favor. Buy the time 2015 is over the books will be on sale. See there is a good side to this.

I can not imagine all the money I will have sitting in my savings account because I will not be putting it on my shelves.

I can do this right?


About readbyjenni

I'm just a nerd who loves to read. Anything and Everything. I started reading when I was in high school. Thanks to my good friend and my English teachers I picked up this wonderful hobby which has educated me in so many genres. Just recently I started keeping track of what I have read. I would guess I have read close to a thousand books since high school. Thanks to Good Reads I am going to take some time to list what I have read so far. With so many great author, old and up and coming, I am sure reading is going to be something which I will do for the rest of my life.
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