I can do this….right?

I am questioning my sanity as the peak of the Christmas season is approaching. I find myself visiting the sites of my favorite stores and looking at all the pretty, shiny things I covet. I make myself close the browser and do something more productive like read a romance novel (yes that is sarcasm, there’s more where that came from). What I need to do is go run or go to the gym which I pay so much money for monthly. Maybe the unintended consequence of this exercise will be that I frequent the gym more do replace my need for retail therapy.

I keep asking myself if I can really do this. No one that knows me thinks I can do it. They usually chuckle or just snicker when I tell them of my mission. It is helping me want to do this more and more.

If I can get through the next two weeks AND all the after Christmas sales I know I will be ok.

I can do this…right?

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