Shoe Sale!

Just when I convince myself going 365 days will not be difficult I get an email about designer shoes on sale an extra 20%. How am I supposed to succeed under this type of duress? I unsubscribed myself from several email lists but kept some so I can keep an out for holiday deals for present I still need to buy.

When I look at the emails with the intention of purchasing for others, I am overwhelmed with the pretty banner stating the shoes are on sale. There are three stores, that I can recollect, that have shoes waiting for me in the cart, just waiting for me to proceed to checkout. It is taking a great deal of willpower to click on the X on the top right corner of the tab instead. I am stronger than my need to shop. Mind over matter. Right? I should go for a run or walk every time I am compelled to visit my virtual chopping cart. The very next time I find myself shopping for myself, I am going to make myself go on a 30 minute walk. I have to get my mind ready to succeed next year.

I can do this….Right?

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