Unsubscribe Part 2

I started unsubscribing to most of the retail lists a couple of weeks ago to get ready for the new year. I kept some because I still needed to shop for Christmas presents. Today I went through all the individual folders I had in my Yahoo mail box and unsubscribed to the remaining lists. It has taken a over half an hour to complete this task. I realized I receive over 100 emails on a daily basis for sales and flash deals. This is why it is so hard for me to not shop. I am overloaded with so many great deals.

Here are just a few of the stores I will unsubscribed from. These and a few others were my frequent go to sites. Not seeing the sales and new collections will help me. I know I will be ok if I do not have the latest lipstick from MAC from their limited collection and I know I will be ok if I do not have the sexiest shoes from Valentino and Jimmy Choo. **Sigh** This is going to be harder than I think isn’t it?

MAC Unsubscribe

GAP unsubscribe Athleta Unsubscribe

SAKS Unsubscribe

I am going to have to channel all this shopping energy into personal fitness otherwise I will not make it past March. I should volunteer or anything productive that will get me to not shop online. I read many many books, 210 this year in fact, and that didn’t do anything to curb this unnecessary habit.

While talking to my brother’s girlfriend I was telling her about my mission and she also does not feel I will be able to last all year. Granted we were in a store trying on really pretty shoes while we were having this conversation. I can see how it could be incredible to believe. She asked what I need something? I countered with what can she possibly think of that I would need that I don’t already have two of? There really is nothing. I have more than enough. Anything more is just that…more.

After that I felt more reassured I can really do this…right?

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