My Three Mall Trip

Yesterday I went to the mall to return things. I went to three, yes three, different malls. I returned over $300 of things I did not need. What amazed me was that I did not buy anything else in exchange. This got me thinking…If I exchange something does that count as a purchase? What if I have a gift card and use it to buy something? I think the premise of this resolution was to not spend money on things I do not need. If I have a gift card given to me by someone else then does that make it exempt?

While walking around the three malls I was very tempted to look around at all the wonderful sales. My first stop was Bloomingdale’s. I usually always walk through the shoe department, yesterday I walked right past it. I am not going to lie, it hurt a little bit. I was talking to the very friendly sales person at the Jo Malone boutique and because I knew I was not going to buy anything I was able to just take care of what needed taking care of. She is amazing, I guess I have bought so much stuff from her for me and other she always hooks me up with samples and testers whenever I go there. Yesterday was no different. My reward for not shopping in the shoe department.

My next stop was the outlet mall. That was easy. There are still so many tourists and holiday shoppers around, shopping at the outlets is not a pleasant experience. I just went into the store where I needed to return, walked in, the salesperson handled my return, and I was done. Went right back to my car.

The third stop was the hardest. I had to return some clothes to Banana Republic and The Limited. My husband wanted to look around for winter clothes for his upcoming snowboarding trip. We stopped at several different stores and all of which were having amazing sales. I saw some jewelry I think I need in my life. I saw some sweaters which were really pretty…the list goes on.

With wanting to give this mission an actual try, I stopped and asked myself, “do I really need more jewelry?” The answer is obviously no. Do I need sweaters? HELL NO. I live in Florida, it is “cold” here maybe four days out of the year. I do not need another sweater. I don’t wear the ones I have. That was easy, right? Walked past Victoria’s Secret having their Semi-annual Sale…AHHHH. Walked past Bath and Body Works, same sentiment.

That led me to another question. If I buy soaps and air fresheners or candles does that count as retail therapy?  I would think not. I also do not need more of them. I have enough in my storage closet to probably get me through the end of the year. That was that.

I walked out of all three malls without buying anything for myself. Day three and I am still strong.

I can do this…right?

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