Does using a Gift Card count?

I was given an Amazon gift card for Christmas. If I use that gift card to buy something less than the amount of the card, does that count as spending money?

I know my mission was to not buy anything, but really it was to not spend any money this year on things which I already have and don’t need.

What I purchased with this gift was was something I do not already have and I think I need. Here is my justification, let me know if you think it is a valid one. I have a FitBIt, (you can add me for challenges with my email which I use every day, and because I use it everyday I slightly cracked the screen. I looked online for a replacement band. While on Amazon I saw that I could get a pack of 10 (cute colorful bands) for less than the price of 3 from the FitBit website. SO it only made sense for me to purchase the ones from Amazon. I used my gift card to make the purchase which means I did not spend any of my money and it was to replace a broken band.

This is what I ended up getting:

Is my excuse weak? Did I fail already? Or totally justified?

I can do this…right?

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One Response to Does using a Gift Card count?

  1. I use fitbit too – definitely think it’s worthwhile investing in something that keeps you healthy! It’s a really admirable goal, I doubt I could last a month so good luck to you!!


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