My “Friends”

Today was not a good day. There are two women in my life, I would loosely like to call them my “friends,” they expressed their feelings towards my decision to take a break from retail therapy.

Friend 1 posted a picture of a pretty mug on her Instagram. I commented that I would like it but since I am not buying anything I will be doing without. Friend 2 replied to my comment and stated she did not like my decision. Many other comments followed one of which was me telling Friend 2 even though I am not buying anything I am able to receive presents. She replied by saying she is not gifting me anything for a year. Ha. Ha. I told her I was OK with that. It’s just a mug!

The last comment was from Friend 1 to Friend 2 saying ” hey it’s been 14 days she is staying strong!!” I feel there is sarcasm in this comment. These two obviously do not believe I can keep this up. They know me somewhat well. Even with knowing me, they should really know I am really strong willed and once I get something in my head I will not give in. They should give me more credit than thinking I will give in within 14 days! I think I can make it at least until June. That is unless something really pretty and shiny comes along.

AND if I am going to give in it will definitely be for something more substantial than a Starbucks mug. This is the mug which set it off.

It’s a cute mug from Alice & Olivia but not something to break my resolution over. The item I would break my resolution for has to be more exciting, more fun, more extravagant, something worth my friends rubbing it my face. This, unfortunately, is not it.

Oh by the way, the mug is sold out online but from what I hear it will be available in store in February.

The more of my friends that feel I can’t do this the more I am driven to prove them wrong. It really isn’t that hard. Every time I think I want something, I remind myself I probably already have something just like it and that I won’t be using it any time soon anyway. So why do I need to buy it or have it just be added to my closet. It’s not.

I can do this…right?

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3 Responses to My “Friends”

  1. How mean!! Good friends would have clubbed together and got it for you and wished you good luck with your resolution!! I hope they feel really bad about doubting you! 15 days today – well done!!

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  2. Miss D says:

    Wow! Let me say I applaud you for even going 14 days without giving into an impulse. If that is a serious goal you have set for yourself, then of course you can do it. Retail Therapy is a gift and a curse. However once you are able to even tackle the urge of one impulse buy, then I am sure you will only get stronger as time permits. i will say on the days when you are really having an urge, Friend #2 may be the LAST person who needs to say something witty, LOL . May I ask, are you giving up specifically impulsive shopping, a certain category within retail or all retail ( clothes, shoes, bags, makeup, etc) ?


    • Thanks for the support! I agree with friend two not adding her comments. If you look at my About Me section I have the rules of what I can and can’t basically states if I already have one of it,or I don’t really need it or won’t use it any time soon then I won’t buy it.

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