My friend has no faith….followup

This past weekend, my friend “E” and I had dinner. Going 16 days without shopping came up and he felt the need to reiterate his lack of faith in my ability to go the whole year without shopping.

Initially he wanted me to give him 10% of all the money I spend this year on an Amazon gift card. I reminded him this weekend that he balance owed was in the red due to him not keeping up with his end of the fitness deal from last year. He owes me approximately $275. He thinks, by the end of this year I will owe him $400 (which will be enough to buy himself a Sony Playstation 4)  AND cover the amount he is in debt to me.

Here is a little bit of math:

In order for me get in out of the red ($275) I would have to spend $2750. In order for me to give him a $400 Amazon gift card I would have to spend an additional $4000. That means I will have to spend $6750 by December this year. That is not inconceivable any other year. In 2015? It is not going to happen. I have to much self control for that.

So what’s in it for me if I go through the year and not have to give him anything? He should have to give me the $275 he owes me right? And in addition he should reward me with something since he wants me to pay him if I do not succeed. That is only fair right? I think he should have to give me gift card for 10% of the things I wanted to buy but didn’t.

He does not agree with me. He thinks he should be the only one to benefit. I told him the deal, which I never agreed to in the first place, was off. My friend “Maya” who also happened to be at dinner with us, completely agreed with me. She feels he should not be the only ones who gets something out of this.

I am not doing this whole thing to get anything out of it. I am doing it to see if I can. That’s all. I did not realize until I started this project that my friends are not really supportive. I expected most of them to say, “wow! good luck! I know you can do it!”

My friends know me, they know I like to shop, but what they should know more than that is that I have a strong will and I can do anything I set my mind to. So far I have two people in my life, who I speak to on a regular basis, who are supporting me. Hmm. I am able to separate my real friends and my materialist friends just by the reactions I am getting when we discuss this.

I will come out of this endeavor with more than just a sense of accomplishment, I will also know who my real friends are.

I can do this…right?

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