My friend is killing me…

My brother’s girlfriend was with me when I made my last purchase of shoes, which also happened to be the last time I made a retail purchase before I started my resolution. She was not a shoe person before my brother and I came into her life. Well not to this extent anyway.

While she and I were shopping after Christmas she asked what shoe accounts she should follow on Instagram. I gave her some suggestions and that was where I went wrong. She has been periodically tagging me in pictures of some beautiful shoes. Every time she tags me I tell her she “is killing me!” I respond by telling her I can not buy them this year but I can accept presents #Loophole2015. I told her I would buy a pair for her and she can buy me a pair as a part of the loophole. It’s just a joke between us, but it could be the loophole right? She has been on a tagging frenzy. I love it.

Here is pair of shoes she most recently she sent me. These shoes are beautiful. Do I really need them? Of course not! In the past I would have clicked on the link and would have actively entertained the idea of purchasing them.


2015 Jenni remembered she already had a pair of Jimmy Choo shoes she bought three years ago which still haven’t been worn. Yes, that’s right. I have not worn them and I got them three years ago. I just haven’t had the right occasion to wear them. This year it is going to be different. Since I will not be adding to my collection I am making it a point to wear all of my shoes at least once.

These are the pair I still haven’t worn. Not as elaborate as the ones in my friend’s picture but I think they are just as beautiful.

wpid-wp-1422729744376.jpegI have gone a whole month without shopping! I am really proud of myself. I am going to get through the next 11 months without buying shoes. I know I am.

I can do this…right?

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