I’m out of mascara

I just ran out of one of my favorite mascaras. The dilemma I am facing is wether or not I should buy more. Do I need to buy more? No. I have four other types of mascara, one if which has the same affect as the one I want to replace.

So then…do I buy more?

In Extreme Dimension 3D $22

I love my mascara by MAC and get compliments on eyes every time I wear it but do I really need it? Not really. I have another one that works better than this one (it just costs more so I wear it more on special occasions).

Like I said I have four other tubes which I can use and that is what I really should do. Use up what I already have so it does not go bad so when I do purchase a replacement I will actually need it. That just makes more sense. The old me would have just gone online and ordered another one and not even thought twice about it. Now..it’s a new me. I realize I don’t need to replace it just because I like it. There are others which I purchased which I liked (they just don’t have the same results) at the time which should be used. After all I did see some good qualities in them to purchase them in the first place right? I am going to start using up what I already have. That just makes good sense.

Along the same lines I have been using up all the lotion I have stockpiled through the years of shopping at the Bath and Body Works semi annual sales. I am finally making a dent in my bin of lotions. It’s only February, by the end of the year I will have used up (hopefully) all the extra “stuff” I have stored throughout the house. All those lotions, cleansers, body washes, and make up! Oh my God all the nail polish I have! All excessive items purchased on impulse will finally be used as intended.

I can do this…right?

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3 Responses to I’m out of mascara

  1. I think you should keep a list of all the things you resisted buying – come your birthday/special occasion everyone will find you very easy to shop for! or you can see if you can get any samples…maybe prevail on a nice sales girl! Really well done on lasting over a month!!


    • I have a list of all the things I didn’t buy in the tabs on my page. This way I can also see all the money I saved myself this year. I did not think to have my family use it as a shopping list, that is a great suggestion! thank you!


  2. Philippa says:

    There are times when I also have a small stock pile of items as a result of finding a new product that works better. I feel it’s important to find works best for me and not force myself to settle. Depending on the item, I sometimes donate it to a friend instead of wasting space. I’m developing my ‘A’ list of products.

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