Back to the mall….I saw a pair of shoes

I went to the mall. I had to. My husband’s watch was ready for pickup. We sent it in for repair work and it was finally ready. Right across from the watch store is the Saint Laurent boutique. I have seen a pair of pumps on Instagram and Twitter I wanted to see in person. As I walked in I saw all those pretty shoes and bags. The shoes I was interested in were right there just waiting for me to put on my feet.

As I looked at the size on the bottom of the shoes I saw they were half a size a size too big. The extremely friendly sales person asked if I wanted to try them on in my size. OF COURSE I DID! I proceeded to look at all the pretty things while she went to get the shoes in my size.

I was not meant to buy them because she said they did not have them in my size and there were only four in the company. She very graciously offered to have one pair shipped to the store so I can try them on. YIKES! She is going to call me when they are there so  I can go try them on. This might be the first item this year I might be tempted to really purchase.

Are they worth it? No, not really. Will they be there next year? Yes they will, But they are so pretty! I know I said I would not even consider buying another pair of shoes until I wore all the unworn pairs in my closet, but is it really that bad to add one more to that pile? YES IT IS. I don’t really need them. I have a beautiful pair of Louboutins I still have not worn.

I am hoping the sales person forgets to call me. I know if she calls I will go to the store and try them on. I will fall in love with them and then I will be in an interesting predicament.

I will not give in! I can not have these people tell me they knew I would cave with a pair of shoes. Oh no. That is not going to happen. Maybe. Let’s see.

I can do this…right?

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