I had a weak moment… but it was not meant to be

I had a weak moment a few weeks ago. I was scrolling through my Instagram feed looking at all the things I won’t permit myself to buy. I came across a BCBG picture that had the prettiest dress I have seen in a long time. It was pretty enough to finally break my resolution. YAH IT WAS THAT CUTE. I had to have it.

Immediately I went to Saks.com and looked for the dress. I saw they had the dress in my size and was ready to ship. YES! Without any hesitation I added it to my cart and purchased it. A minute after that moment of retail euphoria I had buyer’s remorse and guilt. I could not believe I gave into my moment of weakness. I immediately convinced myself I would return the dress once it was shipped to me.

If I was serious about returning it, I would have called Saks customer service and just cancelled the order right? That’s what I should have done. But the freak in me wanted to see if I would return it once I had the beautiful silk dress in my hands. That would be a true testament of my will power right?

Who am I kidding. I would have gotten the dress and kept it AND would have found a great way to justify keeping it. It was on sale!

All this turmoil going on in my head over this dress. Well Saks ended the anxiety for me by sending me this cute email. I think I was sad and happy at the same time.


But then I felt challenged. I NEEDED to have this dress. How dare they cancel my order? I had a new mission. I must find this dress. (yes this is THE reason I decided to not shop for a year, I know I have issues)

I then went to the Nordstrom site. They had the dress in stock and in my size! IT WAS MEANT TO BE again. I was so excited again. Take that Saks! I got my dress from Nordstrom, they never let me down. phew! Of course I ordered it.

Back to feeling guilty for buying something. I knew I would get over it once I got the dress. At this point I had already disappointed myself on so many levels there was no going back.

This is what I got from Nordstrom:


At this point I want to cry and laugh. What more do I need to get to know somewhere in the universe Fate does not want me to have this dress AND I am being made to stick to my mission I was so adamant on keeping.

The lesson I learned from all this? Stop shopping. Did I need that dress? I have zero places to wear it to. It would have come to me and it would have hung in my closet with the other dresses I have not worn.

My friend (one of the three on my side) who is a shopaholic in Vegas found this hilarious. She found it even more hilarious since I took such a stand on being strong enough to get through the year without shopping.


I can do this right?…NO I CAN’T. I need to be stronger than this. I am not even half way through the year!

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