I had the urge to shop

I love Sunday mornings. I wake up early, my husband sleeps in. I usually make my cup of coffee and read, taking full advantage of my quiet time before my husband comes down and turns the tv on. 
In between enjoying my coffee and reading I am getting the urge to open the Norsdtrom app and start browsing. That never ends well. 

I’m justifying it to myself thinking I won’t be shopping for 15 months 😳 so what’s one last hurrah. Uh that’s the whole reason for getting back on the wagon. 

I had a stern talk to myself and that led to me uninstalling all the shopping apps on my phone and tablet. I feel better, less temptation. 

Last week I unsubscribed to all the emails from retailers, again. I’m not falling for the “one day sale” promos anymore! 

It’s going to be a long 15 months. At least last time I had enough sense to do it after the holiday sales. I’m sure I will be fine. Especially when I look at my savings account. 

I can do this…right? 


About readbyjenni

I'm just a nerd who loves to read. Anything and Everything. I started reading when I was in high school. Thanks to my good friend and my English teachers I picked up this wonderful hobby which has educated me in so many genres. Just recently I started keeping track of what I have read. I would guess I have read close to a thousand books since high school. Thanks to Good Reads I am going to take some time to list what I have read so far. With so many great author, old and up and coming, I am sure reading is going to be something which I will do for the rest of my life.
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