One Week Left


I have one more week, seven days, left before I take a long, long break from shopping. I don’t even feel like doing some shopping this week. In actuality I have not shopped since I returned from Spain last month. To make the break official I set the date as October 1 but it will end up being more than 15 months when i get to end date.

It is a good feeling knowing there really isn’t anything material I need or want. I just spent some time cleaning out more of my closets and I am donating many of my older clothes. I will, by the end of this whole thing, be the owner of less clothes and shoes and will not have acquired more.

Speaking of shoes, another one of my shoes broke this morning. Storing my shoes in the garage is not the best idea. I have most of my designer shoes in my room closet but more of my everyday shoes (close to 50+) pairs are hanging out in the garage. The ones I have not worn recently are being destroyed by the heat. I need to find a better place for them. That means I have to add some shelves to one of the existing closets in my house.

Maybe this weekend I will go through the rest of my shoes in the garage and see what I can salvage. At the end of that purge I think i will be left with half of what I have now. I have been collecting shoes for so many years, it is probably best if I donate or throw away pairs which I have gotten many great uses. That might be best.

Then I will have less shoes and 15 months before I can even think about buying new replacements.

I can do this…right?

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