I saw something I need

While I have tried to extract myself from anything related to retail,  I still find myself looking through my Instagram feed and seeing so many things I “need.” 

These sunglasses are one of them. I saw them in Spain a couple months ago and I was tempted then. I was still shopping then. I didn’t get them for what seems now a dumb reason. 

I’ve heard that if you want something really bad but don’t get it and still think about it weeks or months later you should just buy it. That would be the case with these sunglasses. 

Yesterday I got some really good news and was really tempted to reward myself with something. I’m not a drinker so going out for drinks to celebrate didn’t appeal to me, but these sunglasses sure did. 

I don’t need them. I want them. That’s usually how I end up with four of everything. Obviously I’m not going to get them and will just admire them from afar. I’m sure they will be around in 2018.

The unmistakable DiorSoReal sunglasses are made possible through an incredible savoir-faire blending architectural lines and a couture spirit in perfect harmony for this House icon. #DiorSavoirFaire #MyDiorSoReal

It’s only been a month. The other day I realized I had 14 more to go! What didn’t seem like a long time when I decided to do this is turning into something I don’t think I can keep up with. Especially with all this temptation. 

I need to unsubscribe to everything retail again. That will help. I seldom visit the mall therefore that won’t be a concern. 

What else can I do?
I can do this…right?


About noshopping4me

I want to test my will power to see if I could go 15 months without retail therapy (groceries and toiletries exempt). I am going to not buy anything until December 31, 2017. NO SHOES! I know if I put my mind to it I can do anything, but this endeavor is going to take great will power. No one I told about this plan believes I can do it. Which makes me want to do it more. As a good friend once told me…the force is strong within me. I know I can do this! When I look at everything I have, I realize I don’t really need anything more. I probably have 2-3 of everything. So I am going to just use what I have and not get more.I am going to list all the things I really want to buy and at the end of 2017 I will tally up all the money I saved myself. You can follow mt progress at NoShoppingForMe.com
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