My Husband bought me a present…

Last week we celebrated Diwali and our New Year Year. Typically on New Year’s Day there are presents given. My husband  decided to get me a present. We don’t typically partake in the gift exchange. He gifted me a beautiful pair of David Yurman earring. When I tried them on they felt heavy and seemed as if they would hurt after wearing them all day. 

My husband is a great gift giver because he is really thoughtful. Very rarely do I ever return or exchange something he gets for me. This is one of those rare times. 

We went to the mall so I could return the earrings. I think they are way too expensive and they hurt my ears. So I decided it would be best to return them. 

I asked him to keep my future presents under $100.  That should be easy. 

We are at the mall. I return the earrings and then we decide to walk around.  Going into Neiman Marcus Last Call was a mistake. I found something to replace the present he gave me. It’s an exchange so it doesn’t count right?  

I’m so weak. I exchanged the earring for a pair of beautiful shoes (which will probably hurt my feet more than those earrings would have). He said it would be ok for me get the shoes instead of the earrings and those would be considered my gift. He’s so sweet feeding my habit. 

These shoes.  They were on sale with an extra 10% off. Of course I should get them. 

Wouldn’t you want them? What true shoeholic could resist these perfect shoes? 

He got them for me. I’m going to see if my conscience will allow me to keep them. I have 30 days to decide. If I don’t wear them I might just return these too. 

I was really good for 35 days. I think I’m still good since technically these would be considered a present. Right?

I can do this…right? 


About noshopping4me

I want to test my will power to see if I could go 15 months without retail therapy (groceries and toiletries exempt). I am going to not buy anything until December 31, 2017. NO SHOES! I know if I put my mind to it I can do anything, but this endeavor is going to take great will power. No one I told about this plan believes I can do it. Which makes me want to do it more. As a good friend once told me…the force is strong within me. I know I can do this! When I look at everything I have, I realize I don’t really need anything more. I probably have 2-3 of everything. So I am going to just use what I have and not get more.I am going to list all the things I really want to buy and at the end of 2017 I will tally up all the money I saved myself. You can follow mt progress at
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