I want to test my will power to see if I could go 365 days without purchasing anything (groceries and toiletries exempt). I am going to not buy anything in all of 2015. NO SHOES! I know if I put my mind to it I can do anything, but this endeavor is going to take great will power. No one I told about this plan believes I can do it. Which makes me want to do it more. As a good friend once told me…the force is strong within me. I know I can do this!

When I look at everything I have, I realize I don’t really need anything more. I probably have 2-3 of everything. So I am going to just use what I have and not get more.I am going to list all the things I really want to buy and at the end of 2015 I will tally up all the money I saved myself.

Here are the rules:

  1. I can not buy shoes
  2. I can not buy handbags
  3. I can not buy something if I already have something similar
  4. I can buy groceries and toiletries ( fancy face creams and soaps are not allowed)
  5. Unless it is FREE I can not get it
  6. more to be added as I come up with more ways to make this harder for me

There are exceptions to this:

  1. presents for someone else
  2. I can receive presents ( My shoe size is 6.5)
  3. more to be added as my will power decreases





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