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Day 1 (again) 

Well it’s day one. 😳 I’m going to an art festival today. Does buying art count as retail therapy?  I don’t know.  I guess if it’s something I buy and it sits in a corner for months before I find … Continue reading

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One Week Left

I have one more week, seven days, left before I take a long, long break from shopping. I don’t even feel like doing some shopping this week. In actuality I have not shopped since I returned from Spain last month. … Continue reading

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I am doing this again

I think it is time to go back to not shopping for a little while. Did I get out of control? No, not really. I just find myself buying things I really don’t need, I just think I need them. … Continue reading

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This makes it impossible not to shop on my Birthday

I thought I had unsubscribed to all the mailing lists from all the retailers I used to frequent. Well that did not stop them from mailing me these offers. This is just one of the many I got. Barnes and … Continue reading

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Jimmy Choo broke me

I was doing really well not shopping. My friend and family were quite impressed I was able to last as long as I did without buying anything. No nail polish, no lipsticks, no clothes (except for that one time that … Continue reading

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I had a weak moment… but it was not meant to be

I had a weak moment a few weeks ago. I was scrolling through my Instagram feed looking at all the things I won’t permit myself to buy. I came across a BCBG picture that had the prettiest dress I have … Continue reading

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I went to the mall…twice in two days!

In the last two days I have been to the mall twice. I have to pat myself on the back for being able to walk in to Millenia Mall and not buy anything. The first trip was to pick up … Continue reading

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