I had the urge to shop

I love Sunday mornings. I wake up early, my husband sleeps in. I usually make my cup of coffee and read, taking full advantage of my quiet time before my husband comes down and turns the tv on. 
In between enjoying my coffee and reading I am getting the urge to open the Norsdtrom app and start browsing. That never ends well. 

I’m justifying it to myself thinking I won’t be shopping for 15 months 😳 so what’s one last hurrah. Uh that’s the whole reason for getting back on the wagon. 

I had a stern talk to myself and that led to me uninstalling all the shopping apps on my phone and tablet. I feel better, less temptation. 

Last week I unsubscribed to all the emails from retailers, again. I’m not falling for the “one day sale” promos anymore! 

It’s going to be a long 15 months. At least last time I had enough sense to do it after the holiday sales. I’m sure I will be fine. Especially when I look at my savings account. 

I can do this…right? 

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I am doing this again

im-backI think it is time to go back to not shopping for a little while. Did I get out of control? No, not really. I just find myself buying things I really don’t need, I just think I need them.

My closets are getting to that point where I have more than two of everything, not quite hoarding, but just stocking. I don’t need to have extra stock. At the rate retailers are constantly having sales, it does not make sense to always have more than one backup.

I have been thinking about going back to not shopping, more and more. Starting October 1, 2016 I am taking a break again from shopping. My goal is to go from October 1, 2016 to December 31, 2016.

I have done it before, I know I can do it again. It will just be a little longer period of time this time around.

I can do this….right?

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This makes it impossible not to shop on my Birthday

I thought I had unsubscribed to all the mailing lists from all the retailers I used to frequent. Well that did not stop them from mailing me these offers.

imageThis is just one of the many I got. Barnes and Noble sent me some coupons to get 20% off books. I don’t consider buying books shopping so I guess that won’t count.

All these others are really make it tough on me. Being that it is my birthday month I should be able to either shop all I want on the day of my birthday or all month long…right?

I think I should have at least gotten a free pass on my birthday. I did not give in. I stayed strong. I’m almost half way done.

I can do this….right?

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Jimmy Choo broke me

I was doing really well not shopping. My friend and family were quite impressed I was able to last as long as I did without buying anything. No nail polish, no lipsticks, no clothes (except for that one time that didn’t happen), and no shoes!

That was until I went home for Mother’s Day. My mom, my brother’s girlfriend and I went to Boca Raton Town center to look for a dress for my niece who was turning ONE! We went around the whole mall looking for the perfect dress. While in search for this dress we slightly detoured through the shoe departments. Of course we had to. My mom wanted some shoes so we wanted her to try on the ones she was interested in. I was telling my brother’s girlfriend she was bringing a crack addict (me) to a crack house every time we went into the shoe department.

Things were going really well. I stayed away from all the beautiful DVF dresses and all those beautiful shoes which were calling out to me. That was until we went into Saks Fifth Avenue. Coincidentally that was also the last store we were stopping in to look for my niece’s dress.

Passing by the shoes department, conveniently located at the front entrance of the store, I saw they had these beautiful Jimmy Choos on sale. Just for fun we stopped and tried them on. I was in love. I wanted them. They fit perfect. They looked amazing on my feet. I was really trying to stay strong. I even text my husband to see if I should get them. Hoping he would say no. He was being amicable that day because he text  me back and said I should get them. I was really shocked. I asked the salesperson (who was really sweet) to put them aside while I went to shop for my niece’s dress.

As we were looking around the store and the kids department I convinced myself not to buy the shoes.  We left the store and walked back to the car. I did not find a dress for my niece after visiting all the department stores. I was looking for something semi dressy and cute for a garden party. Good thing I had already purchased something from Saks online so I was not too torn up about not finding something.

As we were walking back to the car I called my husband and asked him if he wanted to buy the  shoes for me for my upcoming birthday. He said “sure.” I was already at the point in my decision where any word of encouragement would steer me towards buying those beautiful shoes.

So when we got to the car I asked my friend to stop by Saks so I could run in and buy the shoes!!!! Oh my God, I can’t believe it. I bought the shoes. Can I file them under “Birthday Present?” I really want to but if I am being honest with myself I broke my resolution after doing so well for four months.

I want to say they are worth it.


I wore them that same night. We went to the movies. I was loving wearing my shoes until this happened:


The sidewalks in Downtown Ft. Lauderdale have cobblestone. The first night of me wearing these shoes and I ruined the heels in the cobblestone. I wanted to cry when it happened. It ruined the high of buying my shoes. I was so sad.  Now I have to get them fixed.

I have worn those shoes multiple time since I got them. I added more damage to them from the driveway at my parents house. They still look fabulous.

Jimmy Choo is my weakness. Can you blame me? What I am afraid of is that with this one purchase I will somehow find a way to justify buying more stuff. I didn’t feel to bad about these shoes since I wore them several times already. I think I would have felt worse if I had gotten these shoes and they just sat in the box like other shoes I have purchased.

I can do this…right? NO I OBVIOUSLY CAN’T! but I will do better.

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I had a weak moment… but it was not meant to be

I had a weak moment a few weeks ago. I was scrolling through my Instagram feed looking at all the things I won’t permit myself to buy. I came across a BCBG picture that had the prettiest dress I have seen in a long time. It was pretty enough to finally break my resolution. YAH IT WAS THAT CUTE. I had to have it.

Immediately I went to Saks.com and looked for the dress. I saw they had the dress in my size and was ready to ship. YES! Without any hesitation I added it to my cart and purchased it. A minute after that moment of retail euphoria I had buyer’s remorse and guilt. I could not believe I gave into my moment of weakness. I immediately convinced myself I would return the dress once it was shipped to me.

If I was serious about returning it, I would have called Saks customer service and just cancelled the order right? That’s what I should have done. But the freak in me wanted to see if I would return it once I had the beautiful silk dress in my hands. That would be a true testament of my will power right?

Who am I kidding. I would have gotten the dress and kept it AND would have found a great way to justify keeping it. It was on sale!

All this turmoil going on in my head over this dress. Well Saks ended the anxiety for me by sending me this cute email. I think I was sad and happy at the same time.


But then I felt challenged. I NEEDED to have this dress. How dare they cancel my order? I had a new mission. I must find this dress. (yes this is THE reason I decided to not shop for a year, I know I have issues)

I then went to the Nordstrom site. They had the dress in stock and in my size! IT WAS MEANT TO BE again. I was so excited again. Take that Saks! I got my dress from Nordstrom, they never let me down. phew! Of course I ordered it.

Back to feeling guilty for buying something. I knew I would get over it once I got the dress. At this point I had already disappointed myself on so many levels there was no going back.

This is what I got from Nordstrom:


At this point I want to cry and laugh. What more do I need to get to know somewhere in the universe Fate does not want me to have this dress AND I am being made to stick to my mission I was so adamant on keeping.

The lesson I learned from all this? Stop shopping. Did I need that dress? I have zero places to wear it to. It would have come to me and it would have hung in my closet with the other dresses I have not worn.

My friend (one of the three on my side) who is a shopaholic in Vegas found this hilarious. She found it even more hilarious since I took such a stand on being strong enough to get through the year without shopping.


I can do this right?…NO I CAN’T. I need to be stronger than this. I am not even half way through the year!

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I went to the mall…twice in two days!

In the last two days I have been to the mall twice. I have to pat myself on the back for being able to walk in to Millenia Mall and not buy anything.

The first trip was to pick up some Nespresso coffee. The wonderful sales person from Saint Laurent had called me a couple of days ago to let me know the shoes I wanted to try on were at the store. Of course since she made it a point to call me and follow up I HAD to go try them on and see how they look  and feel on my feet.

UGH why do I put myself through this torture. I think it is to test my strength. I tested it all right, and my will power came out as the victor!

I got my coffee, I window shopped and I took myself home. No retail therapy. I am really proud of myself.

The second day I went to the mall because I have some relatives in town and they wanted to pass some time before we went to dinner. Walking through the Christian Louboutin Trunk Show at Neiman Marcus and Jimmy Choo was a true test of my will power. I was able to not only not even convince myself that I did not want anything I saw but I was also able to recruit my cousin into joining my mission to not shop the rest of the year.

She is going to try it with me. I asked her to look at the rules and see if there was something she might want to add or if she had any questions. It would be really nice if she was able to do this with me. We got into talking about how you can have so much of everything and getting to a point where you have too much of everything.

Let’s see how long we can go with this. It has been three months already! Way to go me!

I can do this…right?

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Back to the mall….I saw a pair of shoes

I went to the mall. I had to. My husband’s watch was ready for pickup. We sent it in for repair work and it was finally ready. Right across from the watch store is the Saint Laurent boutique. I have seen a pair of pumps on Instagram and Twitter I wanted to see in person. As I walked in I saw all those pretty shoes and bags. The shoes I was interested in were right there just waiting for me to put on my feet.

As I looked at the size on the bottom of the shoes I saw they were half a size a size too big. The extremely friendly sales person asked if I wanted to try them on in my size. OF COURSE I DID! I proceeded to look at all the pretty things while she went to get the shoes in my size.

I was not meant to buy them because she said they did not have them in my size and there were only four in the company. She very graciously offered to have one pair shipped to the store so I can try them on. YIKES! She is going to call me when they are there so  I can go try them on. This might be the first item this year I might be tempted to really purchase.

Are they worth it? No, not really. Will they be there next year? Yes they will, But they are so pretty! I know I said I would not even consider buying another pair of shoes until I wore all the unworn pairs in my closet, but is it really that bad to add one more to that pile? YES IT IS. I don’t really need them. I have a beautiful pair of Louboutins I still have not worn.

I am hoping the sales person forgets to call me. I know if she calls I will go to the store and try them on. I will fall in love with them and then I will be in an interesting predicament.

I will not give in! I can not have these people tell me they knew I would cave with a pair of shoes. Oh no. That is not going to happen. Maybe. Let’s see.

I can do this…right?

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